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Kangasala Classic Music Festival, Finland 16–19 June 2022

I was very pleased to be asked to supply images of all thirteen paintings in my series of Britten Third Suite for Cello for this music festival in Finland. The painting images will be projected on to a big screen during a concert which features this work. They will also be used in the concert programme, together with background information about the paintings and their creation. 


For more information about this concert, see the weblink . (A translation of the Finnish can be organised using Google translate).


Rachel Vogeleisen, photographer, specialises in portraiture, seeing her work as a collaboration with her subject telling the best story about themselves. I took part in her project celebrating 'Women over 50 who reinvented themselves': a series of photographs aiming to inspire women of all ages to realise their dreams.

The portraits were exhibited at the Brick Lane Gallery Portraits Exhibition (27 June—8 July 2019) and the photo below shows me with my portrait at the private view of the show. The painting I am holding is Hare in a Snare, not a 'music-painting' but a protest against the horrific practice of ensnaring wild animals.



In February we created a new festival of art, music and discussion, Aesynth, held at the In-Spire Galerie, Dublin. The aim of the festival was to explore the phenomenon of synaesthesia through concerts, an exhibition of music paintings, panel discussion and film sessions. An account of our festival will follow in due course but, for the time being, our website will give you an idea of what took place.

Aesynth— panel discussion

The panel members assemble for the session on synaesthesia at the Aesynth Festival. L to R: Tay Aziz (Chair), Prof Fiona Newell, Dr Andrew Plant, Siobhán Doyle, Dr Ciarán Crilly and Jane Mackay

Photo: Richard Roche

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